MetaLab at the Tate!

Over the weekend members of the MetaLab descended on the Tate Modern to take part in the fantastic Self-Impressions event organized by the Institute of Philosophy. We used this as an opportunity to get some user feedback of a prototype of "MetacogMission" - an app we're developing together with London-based technology company DamnFine to quantify metacognition via a series of decision-making games. Thanks for everyone who came along, we got tons of useful feedback that we are now busily implementing!

Here are some photos of the day. We are very grateful to WCHN Public Engagement coordinator Cassie, to DamnFine gurus Tristam and George, and Andy McWilliams who is leading the development of MetacogMission. And of course all the lab who pitched in to help make it a great event - thank you to all!

HMeta-d toolbox is out!

We have published a paper in Neuroscience of Consciousness on our new toolbox for estimating metacognitive efficiency (how well confidence ratings track performance) using hierarchical Bayes. The toolbox is available for download here. The main result is that we can obtain robust estimates of meta-d' with small numbers of trials, which may be useful for future studies in clinical settings.