PhD positions

Prospective students who would like to carry out a PhD in the MetaLab should get in touch with Steve (stephen.fleming [at] well in advance of funding application deadlines (typically December/January). Please ensure that you have explored possible funding schemes before you get in touch (possibilities include the Wellcome 4-Year PhD Programme in Neuroscience, the UCL-NIMH Doctoral Training Programme and the UCL-Birkbeck MRC Doctoral Training Programme in Neuroscience and Mental Health and Overseas Research Scholarships).

Postdoctoral fellows


We are unable to offer unpaid internships (partly because it seems unfair, and partly because Masters students are given priority on short research projects), but the Nuffield Foundation and Wellcome Vacation Scholarships may be able to support short projects. I am always interested in discussing possible collaborations and hosting academic visitors - please get in touch!